Grand Canal, Venice

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A beautiful colour landscape photograph of the Grand Canal, Venice by Colin Homes.


About the Artist

Colin Homes was born in Singapore to English parents. Educated in Scotland, Homes trained as an interior designer, working mainly in retail design. He has been a full time Fine Art Landscape Photographer for well over 10 years and has had the opportunity to exhibit his photography a number of times.

Colin Homes warms to the minimal. His carefully planned images can sometimes require returning to the same location many times in order to experience the right light and conditions. He is rewarded for his patience. His simple, less-is-more approach to photography creates calming, timeless images that are quiet yet strong.

The majority of Homes’ photographs are taken either at dawn or dusk. The quality of the light at these times of day is generally much softer and because of the low light levels, the film requires very long exposure times. These can range from a few minutes to in excess of one hour, creating images with a wonderfully soft, ethereal quality.

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