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Are Quadcopters Worth the Money?

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  • Quadcopters on a first glance is like a basic toy for kids.
  • Photography has become one of the famous and well-known industries in today’s time.
  • Quadcopters will be significant and useful in the future.

Quadcopters on a first glance is like a basic toy for kids. It contains four matching motors, propellers, remote control and batteries. Who would have thought that these flying things can change the perspective of photography and film making?


Photography has become one of the famous and well-known industries in today’s time. People have been more active in capturing sweet and memorable moments day by day. With the introduction of drones, they will surely grab the chance of owning one and experiment the results like how these drones actually work. But are these quadcopters worth the money? Will these things matter in the near

In my point of view, quadcopters will be significant and useful in the future. It will be used for several purposes such as safety and security, tool for business marketing and tool for photography improvement. I also believe that when you purchase the best quadcopters in the market, especially when you look and see the cheapest camera quadcopter at, I’m pretty sure the money you spend will be worth it.

Quadcopters has a lot of advantages; you’ll know everything when you read quadcopters review online. But as what all experts say, you’re going to be the best drone controller if you follow the rules and specific requirements of FAA and one of it is to be a responsible drone and quadcopter owner. As long as you do not play around within an urbanized community, there will be no problem at all.

Yes, quadcopters are definitely worth it, especially if you wrap them and send them as gifts. They are perfect gifts for new photographers. Consider this: if these gadgets have made quite an impression on professional photographers, how much more for photography beginners? Just imagine the impact it can give to them.

Read reviews online, watch videos on YouTube and check the outcome of the product you want to buy. In that way, you can say that the quadcopter you bought was worth the money.



Cheap Drones Over Expensive Ones

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  • Spending less but producing more by using cheap drones for your photography
  • Cheap but durable drones available online
  • Using drones with camera for a more dramatic effect on your photography

Buying drones for your camera can be quite tricky. There are drones, though, that looked so expensive, but are actually cheaper. Unless you check it out yourself and see that this sophisticated-looking drone is a lot cheaper that what you’d expected.

I totally like cheap drones over the more expensive ones because, come to think of it, drones function almost the same, the only thing that you need to be aware of is its upgrading. So if you’re a wise photographer, you might want to consider buying a cheap one today and determine later on if these new ones are worth buying for.

Aside from that, of course, I totally like cheap drones over the more expensive ones, for the sole purpose of buying another one, if need be, so I can have two drones or maybe even three all at the same time.

It is just a matter of being practical and at the same time wise about your expenses and the idea of having multiple drones for better dramatic effect on your photography later on. Make no mistake about it, cheap drones are not that bad, if you know how to handle and take care of it, they will last for a lifetime. But whatever features that these expensive drones can offer, I totally like cheap drones over the more expensive ones because it gives me a lot of options, not to mention economical.

If you have never heard of, for example, they have these iherb discount codes so that you’ll be able to purchase cheap yet effective supplements as a result. The same is true when you read reviews like this, you’ll get that cheap yet equally effective drone for your photography. Just because they are cheap doesn’t mean they don’t function like the expensive ones.

I’m not going to dilly-dally anymore, I need to scour some cheap drones online and start using them for my photography. I totally like cheap drones over the more expensive ones because I can have them anytime I want.

Enhancing Photo Images with these Free Presets

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  • Free tools online for the improvement of your photo images
  • A photo-editing app that has a lot of features for greater effect on your photos
  • Editing like a seasoned designer using presets for Lightroom

There’s nothing wrong with using free tools to enhance your photos. The problem, however, is that some of these tools do not bring any significant changes to your images. Maybe that’s the reason why they are free, in the first place.


But that is not the case with Lightroom presets. These free Lightroom presets are not your typical free photography tools that can only bring minimal enhancements to your photos, they can actually enhance your photos like you’re using a paid one, complete with effects.

No need to worry about getting less with these free Lightroom presets, you can still edit your images in a variety of ways, and enhancing it with its appropriate preset or effect.

Photography has changed a lot since its humble beginnings. Today, photography is now competing in effect, prestige and even quality with moving pictures. There are pictures lately that has all the elements of a great film, including images produced by Lightroom presets.

Ordinary photo enthusiasts will now have greater chances of becoming a professional photographer. The availability of these Lightroom presets allow them to experiment with their photo editing in so many ways, what with more than 500 presets to choose from online, free.

Lightroom is revolutionizing the idea of photo editing. It is no longer the territory of seasoned photographers, much less designers who edit their photos using technologically-advanced photo gadgets. Lightroom levels the playing field when it comes to photo editing.

You, too, can experience this photography phenomenon, only if you start using these Lightroom presets for your portraits and landscape scenes from now on. They may come in free, but they help produce beautiful photos in the process.

Ready, Set, Action Cameras

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  • Getting the right action camera for your outdoor scenes
  • Capturing images like in the movies with these action cameras
  • Durable and flexible action cameras available online

Staying long enough in the great outdoors for your landscape scenes takes its toll at times. And that applies to your equipment as well, if you’re not using that appropriate action camera with you. Chances are, that will falter as well.


So it is important that you use the right action camera for that outdoor scene. And even if it’s not about the outdoors, indoor scenes as well like ballroom parties should have the right action camera to go with it.

But what exactly makes these cameras so special? Why do we need to use an action camera every time we capture scenes that are mobile? Let’s find out why we need to use it in the first place.

  • Durability – Most of these cameras can withstand external forces or pressure. They don’t easily break, as opposed to these digital cameras around, where it loses focus every time it is confronted with sudden changes of temperature, as an example. But a true-blue action camera has no problems dealing with hot and wet temperatures, as long as they are not that profuse.
  • Flexibility – There are action cameras that can capture scenes underwater. They are not only flexible when it comes to dealing with heat or cold, they’re also flexible as far as usage goes. One of the best features you can get out of your action camera.
  • Quality – This has something to do with the quality of images produced that these action cameras can give you. Regardless of any distractions the moment you take that scene like dust or smoke or what have you, you still get the same quality image like those you’ve seen in films.

These are just some of the things that your action camera can give you on a daily basis. So it is imperative that you get that action camera from now on and start churning out images that has that movie-like effect on your viewers.

Photoshop Actions for Your Speedy Image Processing

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  • Do you know that Photoshop Actions are for amateurs?
  • How to editing pictures with Photoshop actions?
  • Photoshop actions allow you to record step by step process of image editing.

Do you know that Photoshop Actions are for amateurs too? Well, fortunately, it is! You really don’t have to be an expert in using Adobe Photoshop to use actions for your images.


Basically, Photoshop actions allow you to record step by step process of image editing and replay the actions to other images. You are not just limited to creating bundles of actions yourself because you can download or purchase free or paid Photoshop actions online made by several editors, photographers, designers and other Photoshop users around the world.

As what we already know about actions, it is a great tool to save time in processing tons of images, especially if you’re doing the same editing routine over and over again.

So, again, Photoshop Actions are a series of recorded step by step editing process in which can be applied to thousands of images all over again. It’s the same function of presets; however, it can be applied in just pressing the play button to the images.

Moreover, this also allows you to easily incorporate fantastic effects and filters to your images without losing the quality of it.

How to editing pictures with Photoshop actions?

Initially, you have to create, download or purchase the best Photoshop actions that could fit in the style for the image you want to modify. There are two ways on how to install actions to Photoshop and we’ll discuss it separately.

Installing Method #1

Search and open the Photoshop folder, click on the preset folder, followed by the actions folder. Once you’re in the right folder, copy and paste the .ATN file or you can simply drag and drop the file in the folder.

Installing Method #2

The second and the simplest method of installing actions is when you open the Adobe Photoshop program, directly go to the window menu and click on the actions panel. Enter the flyout service menu and select load actions (click the action file you want to use) and then simply click load to open the action bundle.

Editing My Precious Images with Sleeklens

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  • Easy to navigate photo-editing tools via Sleeklens
  • Becoming a photographer by using presets and brushes from Sleeklens
  • Free, downloadable presets you can get online via Sleeklens

If you’re planning on making a career in photography, it is best that you know where to get the tools for your photo editing. And one of the sites you need to check online is Sleeklens.


Sleeklens is your one-stop photo editing shop on the web. It has a rich collection of presets, brushes and Photoshop actions you can use for your photos, giving you the best photo editing experience you can get as a budding photographer.

My photos need the enhancements that they deserve, and I would probably get them edited here (Sleeklens) because they also offer tutorials for me to make further enhancements to it. I am a budding photographer myself, and I will try these tools because I only want the best for my photographs.

I’m not going to waste my time anymore settling with these limited tools that can’t go the distance. With Sleeklens, though, I have all the tools I need to adjust even the most intricate lines in my photos. So I would probably get them edited here from now on, and make the most of it.

A case in point is these Sleeklens Lightroom Collections, where you get to choose bundles of presets for your photo editing, whether it be landscapes or portraits, including a collection of brushes for those detailed enhancements.

This Lightroom collection alone allows me to experiment with my editing in a lot of ways. I would probably get them edited here because it gives me options on how to deal with my photos based on the preset I downloaded. This is really a convenient way of editing and enhancing my precious images.

Infoparrot and its Presence on Your Graduation

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  • An online photo site that offers interactive invitation cards for your graduation
  • Graduation cards with a variety of features to choose from
  • Enhancing your graduation experience by sending invitation cards to friends from Infoparrot

Graduation is an important event in your life. You should celebrate graduation with a lot of excitement and gusto because not all people graduate like you do. So it is only fitting that you should accompany it with some extra flair, like a party, for instance.

This is where Infoparrot crashes in, crashing it in a good way. And you can start by sending graduation invitation cards to your friends. graduation cards come in all shapes and sizes, and designs, too. If you can visit our website today, you would notice that for every event, and every motif, there is a corresponding invitation card to it. And that includes this graduation cards.

Make your graduation day even more special with these cards. Make it more memorable, like those events where you’re sharing it with loves ones, relatives and closest friends. And Infoparrot understands that all too well.

In fact, that’s the main thing why these graduation cards remain one of the sought after invitation cards to have come out from our collection. Many are rooting for it because it comes so personal to them, as if these cards are especially designed for them.

You need to check our collection right now and choose among these cards that best suits your personality. Don’t be afraid to experiment even because you can go back to that original design if the new one doesn’t fit, in the first place. That’s how interactive these graduation cards are.

We would be delighted to show you our finest collections of graduation cards for that special day of yours. Imagine the impact of these cards as soon as you send them. And that would be an awesome graduation, no doubt.

Rex Editions

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Photo Democracy presents Rex Editions. A collection of limited edition photographs from renowned picture house, Rex Features. As one of the world’s leading independent photographic press agencies and picture libraries, Rex Features has an international reputation amongst the world’s media for providing high quality imagery of the world’s popular icons.

Bim Hjortronsteen

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Bim Hjortronsteen is a twenty-one-year-old Swedish photographer based in London. Recently graduated from the BA Photography course at the University for the Creative Arts, she uses the medium of photography to explore the relationships between people and concepts of ‘Home’, ‘Belonging’, ‘In-Betweeness’ and ‘Nostalgia’.

Grand Canal, Venice

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A beautiful colour landscape photograph of the Grand Canal, Venice by Colin Homes.


About the Artist

Colin Homes was born in Singapore to English parents. Educated in Scotland, Homes trained as an interior designer, working mainly in retail design. He has been a full time Fine Art Landscape Photographer for well over 10 years and has had the opportunity to exhibit his photography a number of times.

Colin Homes warms to the minimal. His carefully planned images can sometimes require returning to the same location many times in order to experience the right light and conditions. He is rewarded for his patience. His simple, less-is-more approach to photography creates calming, timeless images that are quiet yet strong.

The majority of Homes’ photographs are taken either at dawn or dusk. The quality of the light at these times of day is generally much softer and because of the low light levels, the film requires very long exposure times. These can range from a few minutes to in excess of one hour, creating images with a wonderfully soft, ethereal quality.